End of Open Source Course

Last issue for OSD600

This was the last week for open source course.
Tony and I fixed one more issue for it.
Issue: #468 Add more test cases to sanitize-html.test.js
Pull request: #486 Add test cases for sanitize-html
In order to fix this issue, I spent some time to understand the sanitize-html.
Sanitize-html is used to clean up user-submitted HTML, it will remove unwanted CSS. They have some default tags as below.

Conclusion of OSD600

Time ran so fast, this week is the last week of this semester. I checked all the posts I wrote from the beginning of this semester. I wrote more than 10 blogs for this course in this semester. 
Remember the first class of this course. I didn't know what is open source. After the introduction of this course, I was scared cause this course we need to fix the publish issues. I don't think I can do it. I am not very good in programming, I didn't do any project by myself. All the experience I had at that time was from the assignment I did. 
After one or two weeks, then our professor said we need to join the Hacktoberfest2019
Click here you can see the first blog I wrote for Hacktoberfest. 

Hacktoberfest required us to do 4 contribute in Oct 1 to Oct 31. There is only one month to do it. That mean I need to fix at least one issue per week. I though it was imposible for me to do it. However I did it. I was so happy when I got the stuff they mailed to me.

After Hacktoberfest, we need to do internal project -- Telescope. As a student who didn't have any experience for project, It was hard for me to stepped into it. I kept thinking I need to work on frontend stuff cause I got some experience in my coop term. However, I did everything for backend. I have never though I can do backend stuff. Finally, I did it.
Here is how our previous Telescope look like:

This is what we did so far:

I learned a lot in this semester. very happy to work with my classmates. I am very appreciated that my professor, my collaborators who gave me a hand when I have problem. This course bring me a lot not only the new knowledge, but also the communication skill. I become more confident to work on the issue in the future. I will keep working on some external issues to improve myself in the future.  


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