OSD600 4.0 Telescope update

In the week, I fixed one external issue and keep working on the internal issue.
AncientBeast is a website game that you can play on you laptop and your phone I fixed an issue for UI from a game. Below is how the page looks like in website. As we can see, there is padding in left and right side.

Here is the web looks like in phone. As we can see, the is no left and right padding. As the member for this project, he/she wants the page looks the same whatever it's in desktop or phone.

Issue: No div side padding
Pull request: Fix issue#97 removed padding
This project is using php to build it. They use nvm (Node Version Manager).
When I decided to fix this issue, I was thinking it was not different issue. Just change padding to 0 should be work. However, after I stepped into the project, problem came out. They use iframe. I cannot just remove padding cause they didn't set up the padding, They limit the size of the iframe. I need to rest the width to 100% to meet the requirement. Finally, I fixed it. In this issue, I spent more time on set up the environment. Setting up environment is my weak, I should learn more.

I keep working on the internal issue. For the pull request #332, I failed the checking. After class, I knew I need to do the rebase. When I did the rebase, more problem came out. I asked for my classmate help. I am so happy many students in my class help me to fix it. I found I used the wrong branch name in my local, so I tried to changed the name. However, this will effect the pull request I submitted before. It will close the old issue and I have to create a new pull request.
Issue: Allow a post to get stored in Redis
Old pull request: #332 implement getPost and addPost method
New pull request: #369 implement addPost and getPost

Finally, everything passed and it was merged to the master.  After around half an hour, someone filed an issue assign for Tony and me. I though it happened where I did rebase.

Issue: #374 Duplicated file storage.js
Pull request: #376 removed storage.js under src

Conclusion: As a team to work together, time manager is important cause someone might need the method you created to finish own part. If you have any question, you have to ask for help don't stop there.

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