OSD600 4.0 Telescope contribute

In the 3.0 I created a function to count blog posts from different domain and created tester to test it collaborate with my classmate.  Here is what we did in 3.0.
In the 4.0, we decided to work together again. We picked two issue from the list.
Issue 1: #260 Allow a Post to get stored in Redis.
Issue2: #261 Update frontend design to include all Post data.

To finish the 4.0, one internal pull request has to be merged and fixed one external issue. we have around three weeks to finish it. So we decided to focus on the fist issue in this week.

Pull request 1: #332 Fix #260 implement addPost and getPost method

I checked the code my professor created for getFeed and getFeeds method in storage.js. I was so surprised  that he only use around 10 lines to do it. I need to understand what this code is doing.  To understand his code, I have know what the method is it. Even though I discussed it with my collaborator, we didn't fully understand it. However, my professor explained it to us.
In order to fix this issue, I spent a lot of time to learn how to use Redis.

Redis in an open source, in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. There are many commands that I could use. Here is all the commands it has.
We used some commands in this method, such as multi(), hset(), zadd()zrangebyscore(), hgetall().
Even though there are some example to teach us how to use it, but we still cannot understand it well.
After we created the method, we needed to think about how to test this method. We though about many situations. We stayed at school until 9pm without having our lunch to finish it. I was so happy when we did it. When my partner decided to work on this issue, I though it was hard cause I have no any experience in Redis. I worried about we cannot finish it. However, my partner said it was good to fix this issue cause we can learn more. I was so happy when I received the comment from my professor.
Before working on telescope, I was thinking I will be a frontend developer in the future. I have never though about backend. Backend is complicate and difficult in my mind. But after I stepped into this project  and fixed some issue, I felt I have more confident to work on backend in the future.

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