OSD600 3.0 Telescopen update

As I mention in the previous blog, we are going to contribute to telescope. 
Click here to see the GitHub.
I checked the issues that we have so far and cannot find any issues that I can work on.
So I discussed with my classmate and create the issues for us.
After our discussion, We decided to make a function to count how many blog come from different domain.

Issue -- Implement blog post count by domain
Click here to check the pull request.

Issue -- Test the function of counting each domain post.
Click here to check the pull request.

Issue -- Updarte blogDomainCounter to pass tester
Click here to check the pull request.

When we discussed to make the function to count it, we though it should be done soon cause it was not so difficult. However, when we actually open a file and started working on it. we met so many problem such as:
1. How we can get the urls.
2. How to get the domain.
I read all the code we had so far and understand what other people  did so far. Finally, we figure how to do it and finish. I was very happy to create the pull request. However, after some reviewer reviewed the code, there are so many problem came out.
I re-write m code to meet their requirement.
After I fixed it and push my commit again. There is some problem in rebase.

Here is someone teach me how to solve the problem:

External Issue:
I also did an external issue in the week.
This project is using React to do it. When I found this issue, I though it was an easy issue to fix.
However, when I stepped into it. It was harder that what I though.
It used yarn. Then I need to install it and learn it how to use it to run this project.
It was not easy to find out where the problem came from.
This project created functions in scss that I have never did it before.
I was so surprised that we can do like it.
Finally, this pull request had been merged.
Click here to check the issue.
And Click here for the pull request:

Even though I need to spend a lot of time to fix an issue, I felt so happy cause I can learn a lot during I run the project, find the problem and fix it. Communication is very important when we collaborate with people. Sometime we did something we though it was correct, however we used the wrong way. Never assume something when we create a function.

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