1st pull request for Hacktoberfest

This is the first pull request I did for Hacktoberfest.
1. Look for the issue from the GitHub, there are so many issues there.
Here are some link I used:
Follow the 
  1. Fork the repositories: opendataday
  2. Clone it from your own github to your local.

       3. Create new branch using: git checkout -b newBranchName. This will create new branch name newBranceName and point the HEAD to it. Never work on the master
        4. Open the code and fix the issue.
        5. git add . to add all the code you changed.
        6. git commit -m "fix issue of the brance " 
        7. git push origin newBranceName
        8. create pull request.

Here is the issue:

Here is the pull request:

issue20 improve layout on small displays #21

To fix this issue, I learned a lot.
1.  I learned how to use Docker to run it. 
2.  Remember don't work on the master.
3.  Turn off the auto format when it saved.
4. use code . command to open visual code.

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