OSD600 Release 3.0 Telescope

Telescope is a tool for tracking Seneca's open source involvement. 
However, this website was built long time ago.
Click here then you can visit the telescope we are using so far.
For the release 3.0, we are going to refactor the website together with 50+ students using the popular tool and language.
When I heard that I was so exited cause I have chance to use the knowledge I learn so far.
However, after the first class of discuss what we should use to build it. I felt so confuse.  I don't even know how I can step into the project. 
Here is the telescope GitHub. I forked and cloned the project for the first step. You can check my Release1.0, there is a detail instruction of how I started working on a project. 

Node.js (npm)
Redis is an in-memory data structure store but I have never heard it before. I decided to learn it first. 
Download Redis from here. And install it follow the installation.

I forked the project many days ago. When I try to run the project, there are so many problem came out. I knew my repository was behind at that moment. I need to pull the latest one. I forgot how to do it. Then I checked the note and do it but it failed. Google it and I found I forgot to add remote. Then I did it again follow the instructor. 

Find issues
We have to find an issue to work on it. Here is the issues. 
I was happy to see there was 50+ issues, I though I can just pick one and work on it. However, most of the issues were assigned to someone already. So I have to discuss to my partner and finally we came out the issue I am going to work on. 

Code review
Here is the first code review I did.

People are so smart and efficient in my class. I want to collaborate with them and work on it. I don't know how can I do it. My communication is so weak. I have to improve it and hopefully I can do it better in the future.

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